Strength on Offense: Has a nice outside shot. Willing and able to go to the hole and draw the foul. Moves well without the ball. Shoots very well at the free throw line. Does a good job endlessly rotating from one side of the court to the other. Won’t drive all the way to the basket unless the options favor doing so; that is to say, Abram doesn’t force shots very often.

Weakness on Offense: Can’t ball handle against full court pressure. That’s not Abram’s job but it has been something which Michigan has needed at times due to their lack of PG depth. Sometimes gets a little sloppy passing the ball either forcing passes or telegraphing passes.

Strength on Defense: Has the quickness necessary to keep himself between his man and the basket. Has very good timing with blocking shots for his size. Provides adequate trap pressure. Provides solid help defense.

Weakness on Defense: Too slow to react to defend the outside shot. Some of this requires reading the play better.

Summary: Probably the unsung hero on the team because he does so much while not starring in the stats. Described by the best Michigan basketball analyst, Jim Moore on WTKA, as “a player who does a little bit of everything very well”.