harris-profileStrength on Offense: Has a nice three point shot. Handles the ball well without forcing passes on offense. Will drive and pull up for short jumpers. Will drive and dish. Has a very laid back attitude which helps keep the offense from getting rattled. Gets out on the fastbreak well and has good floor vision with its execution. Good free throw shooter. Shoots enough to be one of the team leaders in scoring while also not shooting the team out of games.

Weakness on Offense: Michigan hasn’t had to ride Harris but that’s a responsibility he’ll eventually have to wear if others can’t score. Doesn’t like to drive all the way to the hole which is sometimes necessary in picking up shooting fouls when an offense is shooting cold.

Strength on Defense: Quite the menace at picking off passes and getting steals. Looks good in the half court trap. Looks capable of handling any guard one on one.

Weakness on Defense: Needs to get a hand in the face of the shooter and pressure outside shots a little more.

Summary: Plays like a veteran and not like your average all-world-high-school-phenom. Harris has provided quality play and whatever his coach has asked of him.