chris-hunterStrength on Offense: Plays close in to the basket but will take occasional jump shots from as far back as the three point line. Has a nice looking stroke to his shot. Takes the ball to the basket strong. Can be surprisingly acrobatic around the basket with tips, boards, jams, and reverse plays.

Weakness on Offense: Disappears at times on offense. Some of this is due to his inability to get open but this also has to do with teammates not getting him the ball at the most opportunistic time.

Strength on Defense: Has the ability to block shots. Does well defending in the half court trap. Provides very good help defense. Has shown decent one on one coverage with similarly sized players. Has the capability to produce big time defensive plays when the game is on the line and a defensive stop is critical.

Weakness on Defense: Gets winded on occasion. Needs to increase his stamina. The end result of getting winded is that it effects the team on both ends of the court.

Summary: Hunter’s game feeds off his offensive success. When he is scoring, he seems to have both his head and his body much more into the game.