amadou-ba-bioStrength on Offense: Plays fundamentally sound on offense. Most consistent screener on the team. Has enough post moves to take the ball to the hoop.

Weakness on Offense: Appears hesitant when he gets the ball and that is the complete opposite from how a good post player reacts when they get the ball down low. Needs to know what he’s going to do with the ball in advance, learn and utilize head fakes and pump fakes to gain an advantage, and attack the basket. In addition, also needs to make use of the kickout pass if nothing’s cooking down low.

Strength on Defense: Best player on the team who consistently boxes out. Is in excellent physical shape. Has the height and speed to eventually play solid defensively.

Weakness on Defense: Focuses on playing the body without much emphasis on blocking shots.

Summary: Ba is still a project and somebody who may never see regular minutes at Michigan. I’d be surprised if this guy doesn’t wind up providing important minutes down the road though. He offers enough offense to be a threat, offers intangibles that no one else on the team does as well (screening and boxing out), has the size and agility to develop into a solid defender, is eager to learn, and should eventually learn a lot from practicing with five fellow post player teammates.