Screen Display Dimensions

This site is meant to be displayed with 800 by 600 pixels. A good percentage of folks have their display settings at 640 by 480. I’ve used computers that have no problem with this and I’ve been on some where the lines get wrapped incorrectly. It is your computer and you can set it up whichever way you feel comfortable. If you are unaware how to change your settings, you can test different display settings via the following steps.

Click on your START button (lower left corner of your screen). Click on SETTINGS. Click on Control Panel. Double Click on Display. Click on the file tab labeled as “Settings”. In the middle of the dialog box that appears, you’ll see an area described as Desktop Settings. To adjust your display screen settings, position your mouse pointer on the arrow. Move it until another display setting appears. Click “Apply” down at the bottom of the dialog box. You can change these settings *without* having to reboot your computer. The exception for this is if you try to change your settings to 1280 by 1040. If you try this setting, it won’t take affect until after you shutdown and restart your computer. If you don’t like your settings, you can always go back through this procedure and set them back to your original settings.

Internet Browsers

This site is best viewed using Netscape’s Browser. If something can be displayed via Netscape, that’s what I go with first. As of 9-99, this is especially true. It takes me a little while to get around to testing HTML layouts with M$ Internet Explorer. If all you have is IE, than my apologies.

When an Original message’s “subject” line contains (nfm), (nm), *, (or multiple *’s), or (no message); these indicate that there is NO MESSAGE inside the post. People add these as a courtesy to their fellow posters so that others don’t need to unnecessarily try to read their post just to find that there’s nothing included. In the past, people might sit for several minutes waiting to load a message. This was due to the slow speeds of modems and etc. When they’d finally get the post loaded and would find that it didn’t contain any message, it was a frustrating experience. I don’t think with today’s technology and better Browser software that this is an issue any more. But the message is still the same: there is no reason to read the post.

There is an exception to this. Often times people will respond to someone’s post that has these ‘flags’ at the end of their subject line. Sometimes people forget that the original message had the flag, they don’t change the subject line, and post. What happens is that their subsequent post’s subject line is a duplicate of the original message which also included the No Need To Read The Post flag. Go ahead and read these messages because they probably do have a message within their post.

Like I said, this mostly was a problem in the past. Today, it only takes about three seconds to load a message. People still use this though because the original courtesy still applies.

Software Programs

The music files used in the editorial pages may or may not require getting an updated version of Quick Time. You’ll be prompted to update even though you have the most recent version. You do not need to get the software so just click “later”. Also, I use old music files so the necessity of *ever* getting an upgrade is unlikely for my files. For those that do not have Quick Time, you should get it. However, be sure to search the page for obtaining the FREE version. If you search well enough, you’ll find where it is located at Quick Time’s website.

WXYZ tv broadcasts require having the audio program Real Player installed on your pc. This program can be a pain in the rear if your computer is short on RAM. I have 48meg and don’t have a problem but did when I had only 32meg. I’d advise NOT getting it if you have less than 48meg. If you have 48meg or more, then you should get the software. You’ll be prompted by the program on where to obtain it. Make sure that you get the FREE version. Do some digging at the website and you’ll find it.
PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to get the Paid version of either software application. All you need are the free versions.

Website Errors

Since moving from my original location (ISP), all errors have ceased. You get what you pay for I guess.

The Internal Server Error – 500 error.
This error is usually the result of an incorrect program instruction syntax. I test all programs and ensure that they function correctly before going with them. Therefore, no one should ever encounter a SE 500 error.

Bad Cookie File

If you have cookies enabled on your browser you will see your name, # of messages since your last visit, and the small basketball picture next to New messages. If any of this info starts to come up missing, it indicates that your cookie is bad. Depending on which browser you use you will need to delete your old cookie. If you use Netscape, do a find on ‘cookies.txt’ and delete it. If you’re using M$ IE, you’ll need to delete all of the files located in the four cache directories listed under c:\windows\temporary internet files\cache1 (1 through 4). I’ve had to do this once in seven months so it’s not a very frequent type of problem.

Email Address

If you have any suggestions or comments, I can be reached at this email address: roverback@yahoo.com

I formerly provided a linked email address on almost all of my pages. I found out too late that this is a big mistake. Spam mailers extract all “linked” email addresses from all pages on a website. I average 20 spam mailings per day now when I never used to get any. I currently only have one linked email address on the site. That is on the registration page for the message board. I may wind up changing that into simply text too.

I apologize for any spam problems that I’ve caused others as a result of linking their email addresses on this site.

Message Board Information


1.) No swearing

2.) No running

3.) No pooping in the pool, er personal attacks. This stuff should be fun. If not that then it should be informative. I can understand a little bit of trash talking or bravado by visitors from other teams but there’s a limit. I do believe in the golden rule. It’s a stretch in regard to teams that wear Green, but I try. That’s all I ask of posters is that they try to get along. A piece of advice that I’ve heard countless times is to JUST IGNORE FLAMERS. That goes for both sides.

4.) No spam posts. I’ll let some slide if (a) they sound legal and don’t sound like a scam, and (b) they offer some sort of connection or interest to college basketball fans.

5.) Unmerciless negative attacking of the team, the players, the coach, and the program WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! I respect how frustrating it can get and therefore understand about negative comments and long loud wails of pain. What I am referring to are people that I consider to be M bball bashers. These are not visitors. They are our fellow Michigan fans that, for whatever the reason, sound off on everything. If I’m adamant about any rule, it’s this one.

6.) I’d prefer that people not post under multiple names. Sometimes doing this can poke humor in a novel manner. When done for this purpose, I don’t have a problem with it. But when an alias is used to attack, I’m not going to be happy.

This message board has the built in capability to BAN IP ADDRESSES. If that doesn’t do the job, I’ve got a skeleton system setup for password protection. Please abide by your own sense of common decency and I don’t think any of these rules will ever take precedent. Thanks.


This just indicates the number of times a particular message has been read. Messages with high view numbers therefore indicate the topics of most interest to posters/lurkers.


There are several varieties of message board posters. Most fall into the supportive type category. Others whine and complain. Some visit from other teams. These non Michigan fans can be a tad smart mouthed OR they can be a real joy to meet. The best policy is to not take any post or poster too seriously. I’m speaking from experience on this. It’s not worth the roller coaster ride with your emotions to fight some faceless unknown person who might have the manners of a mongrel dog.

There is a Michigan fan that goes by several different names. R Dun, jerry, john, steve are some of them. He likes to post unsubstantiated rumors about basketball recruits and/or their commitments. PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION to this poster’s claims. Although I think his posts fall on the humorous side, I’m in the minority. Most Michigan basketball fans have a dislike that a fellow Michigan fan would post bogus information.

Archive Board(s)

These are read-only boards. You cannot post a reply to any message on these boards.