Updates to mhoops website

The Search Engines have had all of their urls checked. Football, mens bball, womens bball, college hoops (hoop news), and newspaper prep search engines were all checked in March 2016. All urls are checked once per year. As a reminder, the only databases whose urls (links) are kept moderately up to date are the updated db’s. The college and paper db’s are also periodically updated. As of December 2015, none of the db’s are updated on a daily basis. (posted 3-13-15)

Also regarding the search engines, I have not done the necessary periodical research to locate new websites and pages. This will require checking around 10,000 links which will take at least two months to accomplish – if not longer. (posted 3-13-15)

Due to the lack of activity on the passworded/hidden message board, all links will be removed. The Public Board is the only available message board to post on now. (posted 11-19-14)

An early season look at the Big Ten can be found in the 2014-2015 Big Ten Depth Chart. In terms of accuracy, the depth chart is probably only reliable for one day (the day I post it on the Internet). The chart is only meant to be a snapshot in time. It is not kept up to date. This year’s version includes verbal commitments through October 14, 2014.

Player Profiles have been updated for the 2013-2014 season. They’re accessible from the Roster page or from the archived rosters page (Cyber Cards). (posted 1-11-04)

Added picture galleries from Michigan’s game at Butler, and home games versus NC State and UCLA. (posted 1-6-04)

Welcome to the home of the first and only Basketball Recruiting Search Engine on the Internet (since 1999). The basketball recruiting search is set up to search 700+ college basketball recruiting websites/pages. The engine is intended to be a useful search for all Division I college basketball fans.

The Michigan Basketball Calendar provides an alternative style to viewing the standard basketball schedule. It provides three different styles to view the calendar. The calendar also provides some information on recruiting dates.

The Hoop Library contains scouting reports, game reviews, big ten depth charts, editorials, old recruiting articles by Bryan, Maize Rage game programs by Brian G. from 2000-2001, and other articles that relate primarily to Michigan basketball.

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