Newspaper Search

The Newspaper Prep Search is intended to provide recruiting fans with another alternative in the hunt for updated and timely recruiting information.

As with all things, there are some trade offs. The biggest down side is that the database is comprised of newspaper sites which cover ALL high school sports. That means that you may find players with like names but who aren’t who you’re looking for. It would therefore be wise to use quotations around your search terms to better uniquely identify sought-for search terms. Otherwise, you’re likely going to have to wade through a lot more information than you need to.

All of the sites are updated on a daily basis; at approximately 9pm. The number of online high school news sources is currently 147. This number fluctuates from time to time due to changes with the server computers at the sites. The worst days to use any of the search engines are when thunderstorms dot the country. Newspaper sites that cover individual sports are already included in the separate search engines for boys & girls basketball and football.

More Basketball Recruiting Sites

This page offers recruiting sites that cannot be searched via the search engine due to a variety of reasons. Pages that provide recruiting information about multiple sports on the same page are also put here.

If you’d like to submit a website, please read the following and enter your information below.

“In order for a recommended recruiting site to be deemed worthy of entry in the search database, the page must (1) provide a prospects page or news about recruits and (2) be separate from any other sport’s recruiting information”.

Sites that list both football and basketball do not get entered due to the confusion of like-names between sports.