mathis-34Strength on Offense: Will post up more often then not. Provides offensive rebound putback capability while on the court. Looks to feed the post as a passer. Unafraid to shoot or take the ball hard inside.

Weakness on Offense: Has struggled at the free throw line early. Might need to lead the team by example as a screener.

Strength on Defense: Can play defense inside or outside without giving up position. Will bang. Has been one of the team’s most depenable rebounders. Has the ability to keep himself between the basket and his offensive opponent.

Weakness on Defense: Another area where Mathis could help lead the team by example resides with boxing out for rebounds.

Summary: Mathis brings experience and leadership to a team whose leader has had to learn stuff the hard way. As a result, JC might be the most important non-starter on the team. This young man has a great attitude whether it indicates glee or the furositiy of a death-fight-to-the-end.