daniel-hortonStrength on Offense: Michigan’s #1 offensive threat. Clutch free throw shooter. Great court vision. Can drive to the hole and convert or hit the three when the game’s on the line.

Weakness on Offense: When he’s not on the court, Michigan’s offensive cohesiveness takes a big hit. Daniel is the guy Michigan can least afford to lose to foul trouble. Doesn’t drive to the basket and dish to post players enough.

Strength on Defense: Horton has the ability to will himself to play his best at critical junctions in games. Whether it is making a big steal, making a defensive stop, hitting win-or-lose free throws, or scoring when nobody else can; Horton has been Mr. Dependable.

Weakness on Defense: Needs to apply more pressure with outside shots.

Summary: With the arrival of Dion Harris in the backcourt, Daniel has a big decision to make. That decision requires Daniel to decide whether to make the Michigan half court offense work or whether he is going to continue playing as a dual SG/PG. It is a hard argument to suggest Horton do anything different then what he’s done at Michigan but I think in order to determine the differences, Horton will need to focus on distributing the ball. The half court needs Horton to play quarterback as a PG. It also needs his scoring which opens up offensive possibilities. It is therefore a fine line in regard to what Horton needs to do, needs to experiment doing, and what his teammates need to do (score more).