petway-profileStrength on Offense: Petway is labeled as a power forward by most basketball observers but his play at Michigan has been more like a wing forward on the offensive end of the floor. His role in the offense often finds him out on the perimeter as a passer. Will post up on occasion. Gets out on the break very well. Petway’s biggest contribution on offense are his mind boggling dunks that send everybody howling. This kid isn’t your typical dunker either. Petway will start his motor far from the basket and will attempt to jam over people too. Jamming over top somebody can be pretty demoralizing for the defense. Probably sets more screens per minute then all Wolverines combined.

Weakness on Offense: Offensive game is mainly putbacks off offensive rebounds and break away baskets off the fastbreak or alley oops. Job on offense has been as a role player rather then a featured threat in the half court.

Strength on Defense: Has a good sense of where to be at the right moment with rebounding. Looks to feed the fastbreak off rebounds. Petway’s incredible vertical leap is especially noticeable when he skies out of nowhere to block shots as a trailer.

Weakness on Defense: Hasn’t made steals a part of his defensive game yet. Has the ability to develop this though due to his good agility, speed, and court savvy game. One on one defense will require experience. Shot blocking ability allows him to get beat and come back on plays though.

Summary: Tommy Amaker has shown a lot of confidance in Brent Petway. Amaker has played Brent at critical moments in several games as a passer on the perimeter. In Michigan’s overtime game, Petway rotated with Abram. Petway would enter for defense. Petway can be a bit of an animal because he runs like a gazelle on the fastbreak and dunks like a lion.