Tom Goss, former UM Athletic Director, made good with his intent to improve Crisler Arena with an assortment of changes. The new video scoreboard is the center piece of those changes. The video provides a closer look at the action on the court. It’s a nice alternative to take a look every now and then when you have seats that are located either high up or in an endzone. The lighting has been improved to the extent that it is not nearly as dark as it once was. A lighter shade of wood was used in the replacement of the former hardwood floor. That has added to the lighting improvements. Changes in the acoustics were also implemented.

One of the people that I sat with at a game has had season tickets for about seven years. His seats are located higher up in the blue section. As he explained it, he isn’t in line to get a seat any closer. This confused me because there were M-A-N-Y unused seats in the lower bowl of the blue section. This has to be of major concern to the University and Tom Goss. Goss wants a more lively crowd. As it stands, if a large chunk of season ticket holders take up the lower blue section, BUT DON’T GO, this doesn’t help him meet his goals. It also isn’t very supportive of the program to just buy tickets and not use them. Considering that no seats in the blue section were available when season ticket sales began should add further proof that the situation as it currently stands is a losing proposition in the attempt to raise the noise and participation levels.

Another experience I encountered was when we tried moving down and sitting in a vacant seat. The people finally showed up AFTER the start of the second half! That is ridiculous.

By far my best experience ever inside Crisler was the opportunity to sit with Tom (alias Michigan Fan on Campus, alias MFOC) in the Maize Rage section of Crisler. This is the student section. The view is obviously better since you’re closer to the court; however, the major benefit of sitting with the students is the noise level. There is spotted cheering throughout the area but nothing compares to the frenzied student support. They are aptly named the Maize Rage.

Crisler Arena has a label for being quiet. I’ll just say that it has nothing to do with the students. It has everything to do with the alum or corporate ticket purchasers who either don’t cheer or don’t attend the games. The alum whom I have attended games with have been very vocal fans. So I know that all alum aren’t quiet.

If you’re willing to walk, you can find free parking.

Two views of Crisler:

Picture of Crisler courtesy of Media City.

Seating for Crisler:


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